We want you to be completely satisfied with your new motorcycle gear but sometimes things happen and we want to be here for you. Please see the following information if you need to do a return.

Return Policy:

Please note:
– Buying, returning and buying again and then returning is not allowed. If you are struggling with sizing, please give us a call. Shipping fully armored items is very expensive and we ask that if you need help with sizing please call us rather than shipping back the entire item only to order another one fully armored again. 
– Will not refund sizes that have already been refunded before and we will not ship fully armored items on exchanges. If you send back a fully armored item for exchange, you will be responsible for the difference in shipping a shell vs. fully armored item.
– If you are buying a product and you do not ride a motorcycle or the intended use is for another purpose other than motorcycling, please call us. Our product is specific to motorcycling and while it does have other applications, we want to ensure that it will work for your intended use.

Return Instructions:

  1. Enclose a copy of your packing slip (indicate the reason for the return on the packing slip) OR  Fill out this form if you do not have your packing slip.
  2. Return shipping is paid by the customer – see paragraph below for return postage. (Please retain your return tracking information. Bohn is not responsible for packages lost during return shipment.)
  3. Ship back to the following address:
    Bohn Body Armor
    123 Poplar Pointe Dr. Ste D
    Mooresville, NC 28117

Purchase Return Postage:

Common Return Situations:

Didn’t work out
Sometimes things just don’t work out or were not what you expected. We get it. But if you are on the fence or like the item but just can’t figure out if you will use it or not, give us a ring. We love to talk to our customers and we will sometimes suggest something different to suit your needs better. 8 out of 10 times we find that the customer just didn’t get the right fit, or right product or just needed help, so give us a call, we don’t bite! 704-663-0351 or email [email protected].

If you tried it on and the size was not right, maybe we can fit you into another size. Please feel free to call us, we’ll be honest and help you get the right gear. If we can’t help, we might be able to give you a few other options. Call 704-663-0351 or email [email protected].

Women’s Shirt Fit
Our shirts are unisex and our sizing guide is accurate for most riders.  However, if you are a female rider and the shirt is not fitting you right, give us a call. We’ll figure something out as we have sizes to fit most and more female-specific sizes coming. Call 704-663-0351 or email [email protected].

Manufacturer Defect
Bohn Body Armor stands behind our product and we do a pretty rigorous check system to make sure our gear is tip-top when we ship it. But sometimes things fall through the cracks as our garments are sewn by hand. Please reach out to us if you detect a defect. Shipping is paid by us in this case (of course) but we’d hate to lose you as a customer so give us a call. 

Please note: If you opened the bag with a knife and you cut your garment, this is not a manufacturer defect – we’ll know if this happens. Also, if you damage your garment (one customer burned his and said the fabric was deteriorating) we’ll know, so please be honest. We want to make things right, but we also need your help. If something happens, just give us a call and be honest. We’ll work something out. 

Returns or Exchanges after 90 Days

Bohn Body Armor stands behind our product. However, we do not warranty our products when they are not properly cared for. Pilling or holes in fabric from rubbing against a surface that agitates the material, deterioration of the product from improper laundering (i.e., sweat or salt deterioration of the Lycra®), rips, burns or moth holes caused by user error or improper storage do not fall under our warranty. Please see our care instructions for the proper care of our products. 

If you have had your product for a while and experience a broken zipper or need a repair of any nature, we can send you new zippers or fabric swatches to help you with your repair at no charge. 

AGAIN….Our fabrics last years and years. We’ve been selling these sturdy, well-manufactured fabrics for 20+ years now. Deterioration, rips, holes, burn marks and lack or proper care and storage are not warrantied. If you need to purchase a fabric shell to replace your garment, please see the following link: Fabric Shells 

If you are experiencing “pilling” of your fabric
Please check the area of the clothing that your garment is rubbing against. Typically it is rubbing against a loose seam, a piece of plastic, a tag or some other object. Our garments last many, many years, in some cases we have heard 15-20 years if properly cared for. Pilling is not a defect of our materials and as such is not warrantied.

Questions / Concerns: