CE-Level 2 Armor Specifications and Details

Get the highest level of protection available with Bohn’s Lightweight, Ventilated, Heat Reactive CE-Level 2 Armored Protection! 

CE Level 2 protection on the following areas of the body:

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Level 1 vs. Level 2 Protection Explained:

The difference between CE-Level 1 and 2 is the amount of force the protector can take. In essence, CE-Level 2 protectors can simply take more force than a Level 1 protector can. 

A limb or back protector is meant to disperse impact energy throughout the protector to help reduce the amount of force your body takes on the point of impact. While no protector can claim to protect you 100% from injury, a Level 2 protector gives you the highest level of protection available. In the case of Bohn’s protectors, ours provide you with incredibly lightweight, comfortable coverage you barely feel. 

Joint protectors and back protectors have different limits for the different levels:

EN 1621-1:2012 (joint protectors –  shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, shin):

EN 1621-2:2014 (back protectors):

*please note, tailbone and thigh armor cannot be Certified level 1 or 2 however, they are made of the same materials that our Level 2 proctors are made of. They are slightly thinner for added comfort. This extra attention to these two areas gives you maximum protection that is the thinnest and the lightest possible. 

What makes Bohn Armor great?

Bohn’s armor is incredible! Not only does our new Level 2 armor meet CE Level 2 standards but our armor exceeds the minimum standard for CE Level 2 certification by 10-40% (depending on the protector), making it some of the best armor on the market.

It was specifically designed, in conjunction with our manufacturing partners in Germany, to be super comfortable, ventilated, provide more coverage/protection than the average armor and help facilitate a better range of motion. 

What’s more, is that we designed the armor to fit into our current patterns. So, if you have a pair of Bohn pants from 10 years ago or more, the new Level 2 armor should fit perfectly! Questions about whether your pants will fit the new armor, give us a call – 704-663-0351.

Why are some of your limb protectors Level 2 and some not?

What most people don’t realize is that thigh armor and tailbone armor cannot be certified Level 1 OR 2. There is no certification/test for that. We offer those pieces for extra added protection where most other companies don’t. We want our riders to be safe and the thighs and tailbone are also quite vulnerable to injury and road rash. You probably won’t find any other pants on the market that offers tailbone, hip, thigh and knee/shin armor. We want our customer’s legs covered! 

“Is Level 2 heavier or bulkier?”

Actually, no! Our new Level 2 Armor is super lightweight, thin and is heat-activated so in essence it”molds” to the vulnerable parts of your body nicely for maximum comfort and protection that is super slim and lightweight.

“What about D30 or other brands, how does your armor compare?”

While our new armor has similar properties to other leading manufacturers; lightweight, ventilated, heat reactive, similar materials, meets all certifications, etc., there are a few additional positive differences. 

  1. Protectors are repeat use. Meaning if you “fall off your bike” at any speed, you do not have to replace your protector. You can keep wearing it until it is time to replace it. Obviously, if there is significant damage to the protector, you should replace it, but it is not made of non-Newtonian materials so it is repeat use.
  2. Protectors exceed the minimum certification. For example, our back protector needs to meet a 9kN rating to pass Level 2 certification and most protectors just meet it at that number, ours is 6kN! This far exceeds the minimum certification. Translated, this simply means it can take more force than most that just meet that minimum certification level.
  3. Protectors are larger than most for street riding. Our elbow, shin and back protector are bigger than most protectors in their class providing you more protection in the most vulnerable areas without sacrificing any comfort. 
  4. Manufactured in Europe and not in China!

So, the question is…’Is Bohn’s armor better than other brands?” The simple answer is…we’ll let the certification numbers, materials, comfort and customers speak on our behalf on this one! After all, we did partner with the most technologically advanced, trustworthy, and safety-minded armor manufacturer in the world.  SAS-TEC

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