Armor Storage and Replacement Recommendations

With proper care, your armor pieces can last for years! 

Washing and Care of your Body Armor

We recommend removing the armor from your Bohn gear from time to time to clean it as detergent residue, salt (including body salt) and moisture can stick to it and negatively affect the armor.

Armor pieces should NOT be placed in the washing machine or dryer, but may be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become soiled.  

*** Also note: Salt air and sweat left on garments can break down the Lycra® in our garments so it is imperative that the fabric portion be washed regularly and not stored for long periods of time with salt or sweat on them. 

Replacing Your Armor

After a Crash:
Bohn Armor has long-lasting crash construction and is meant for repeat use.

If you go down, simply inspect for visible damage. If the damage is significant then you will need to replace the armor piece(s), if it is simply scratched, you do not have to replace it, simply sand off any hard or sharp edges and continue to use it. 

Over Time:
We definitely recommend replacing limb and back armor after a period of time.
(Level 1 Bohn Armor prior to 2021 after 5-7 years. | Level 2 Bohn Armor after May 2021 after about 7-15 years)

Reason #1: The first reason is that armor is made of materials that over time will wear out naturally.

Reason #2: The second reason to replace is that armor technology improves greatly every couple of years. You should find the new set you purchased is much further ahead in quality, fit, feel and technology from what you had before. 

To replace armor you have in your current garments, we have a variety of sizes and shapes available. If you have questions regarding armor replacement give us a call at 704-663-0351 or email us at [email protected]

For more in-depth information on replacing limb, head and back protection see video below from Ryan Kluftinger of FortNine–a well-respected online motorcycle gear reviewer.