Worked Just as You Said it Would

Man where should I start?

I was involved in an incident on March 28, 2021 where I was launched from my bike 50 Feet and landed like a pancake.

I was fully covered neck to ankles in my Bohn apparel which worked just as you said it would on your website.

The injuries I sustained have been isolated to deep bruising and about ten 1 inch scratches on my right leg which took the impact.

Due to the mechanism of the crash the fire personnel had to cut my lower half before transporting me to the hospital so I will be ordering a new shell.

Can’t thank you enough for making this product and easy to acquire.



ER Doc Asked Why All Riders Don’t Wear This

I was the victim of a hit and run crash while riding my motorcycle. The driver looked right at me, pulled out, then when I was done falling, he looked at me again, then drove off.

I was wearing your motorcycle armor pants under my jeans and I had replaced the armor in my jacket with your armor.

As I was laying on my hands and knees on Hwy 85 I thought I had a broken leg and ribs.

Upshot? the doctors and nurses in the ER were just amazed. No broken bones, no road rash. I did feel like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. But, I walked out of the ER!

I had some unique bruises, on my left leg and rib cage. They matched your armor exactly.

The doctor in the ER spent 3-5 minutes just looking at my armor. He said I should have been hurt a lot worse than I was and asked how come all riders don’t wear this armor. All I could tell him was ‘good question.’

I was going about 40MPH and the EMT told me I had slid about 100 feet.

I give praise to Christ and you guys for saving my butt, literally.

Thank you and good job.

–Mr. Tracey M

PS- Pictures of your armor won’t do much good, it all still looks brand new.

Review update from Tracey — March 2018

My name is Tracey, I just ordered replacement garments for myself and a complete Bohn riding suit for my wife. I’m replacing mine due to losing 47 pounds, and the fact I’ve had these for well over 100,000 miles. These pants have seen both oceans, the Gulf. They’ve gotten peeks at Canada and Mexico as well. They even prevented me being seriously injured, or worse.
I’ll tell the horror story first, seven years ago this August, I got hit by a car while en route to Sturgis. The driver waved me past him, then, nailed me when I was halfway past him. I walked to the ambulance. While in the ER the doctor told me, “You should be hurt a lot worse than this, we should be calling Flight For Life. Why don’t all riders wear this?”
In the last about ten years, these armored pants have been through desert heat, hail, rain, dust storms, snow. More than once, on the same day. When I get to a National Park or Monument etc., I’ll take off hiking. Not sure how many miles I have in these things. I know that  I have done at least two hikes of around 15 miles.
I can’t exaggerate the flat out abuse I’ve put this armor and fabric through. There have been times I’d just take them into the motel shower with me. For those that do serious traveling on your bike, you get it. I’m looking forward to the next 100,000 miles in my new armor and fabrics (and I hope 25 additional pounds).


I Had About Given Up On Finding Protection That Fits

As a larger woman I had about given up on finding any protective riding pants that fit.

An up close and personal encounter with a deer only increased my desire for some type of protection.

I saw an ad for Bohn Body Armor and checked it out.

They fit great under my so-called jeans (women’s fashion has dictated an almost paper thin material to be used in “jeans”) and no one has been able to tell that I was wearing motorcycle armor.

I now feel more protected when I ride.– Cris C.


ATGATT Riding is a Must!

On September 20, 2020 three of us were enjoying the mountains of North Carolina SW of Asheville. This was a new area for us to travel, and with the heavy rains earlier in the week veins of run off debris was noted as we descended the grade. Even though I held back on the throttle in the twisties a deep patch of gravel in a blind curve caught my front tire and then the rear in a manner that the bike slid sideways, causing the vehicle to toss me once the rubber purchased the asphalt on the other side of the deep, loose stones.

Thankfully, I had just purchased a set of Bohn All-Season Armored Riding Pants before this trip. They saved me more injury than I had to endure from this high side experience. I am a disciplined AGATT rider, still from the abrupt impact my upper body sustained 6 fractured ribs, shoulder muscles and tendons that received severe bruising, a lacerated spleen and 5 fractured bones in my foot. All these injuries have greatly compromised the left side of my body. Yet, not one area on my legs, Coccyx, Thighs, Knees or Shins received any injuries during this accident.

I attribute this to the grace of God and the excellent product that Bohn Apparel provides to the motorcycling community. My pair of Bohn Armored Riding Pants were protected from abrasion by the over pants and look as new as the day they arrived after ordering. I am 100% convinced that AGATT riding is a must and Bohn will always be a part of that gear.


Crash Into a Guard Rail at 70 MPH

I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident–a 70mph crash into a guard rail!! However, I only sustained a small but deep puncture wound right below my left butt cheek. The pants worked tremendously!!! Immediately following the accident, two motorcyclists asked what I was wearing and both ordered a set of armored pants right there on the side of the road!!! 

I am a 50 years old United States Marine Corps veteran (89-95 Desert Shield/ Desert Storm). 

I’ve ridden a “bike” of some sort pretty much all of my life, got my first dirt bike, 1981 XR80 at 10 years old. I was raised to fear the LORD and my mother and daddy!! Lol…she always said, “I best not EVER catch you riding without a helmet”. That paved the way for riding and being protected. My Christian Motorcycle Group preach to those we ride with to ride with gear. I have a brother 5 years older than me, that was killed on a GSXR 750 APRIL 11, 2005. This affected my passion for riding and being as protected as you can be with the money you have.

The hot and humid temperatures in Alabama makes the decision tough to wear proper gear. I saw an ad in American Motorcyclist Magazine for Bohn Armor and had to give the pants a try because of the heat… well, I AM A BELIEVER IN THEIR ABILITY TO PROTECT!! 

I made a late pass in tandem with my brother leading. I should have waited. We communicate with Sena and I said “let me know if you decide to go and I will follow”. He said “come on” after the on-coming vehicle passed. It was my first time in Cheaha State Park outside of Birmingham, Alabama (highest point in the state). I dropped a few gears and went…patience should have been my decision. 


My brother was centerline and I was white line which led to my second mistake. Rather staying behind him I dove on over to my white line lane and realized I was coming in “hot”. When I was next to the car I glanced at my speedometer and 95mph was what I saw.  I had to hustle so I dropped TWO gears, applied a little front brake but my rear wheel wiggled just a little and lost traction, then the white line didn’t help any with grip. I said, “oh, Oh, OH,  GREG!!!” Which rattled him enough to cause him to hit the grass in his attempt to stop. 

It was basically a 90° left turn. My main goal was to avoid the guard rail in the upright position which quite possibly could have sent me airborne off a cliff and down through the trees. If you watch the video closely, I held on until the last minute then tried to kick myself from the bike to avoid being pinned between the bike and guard rail. When the bike bounced off the rail it hit me and turned me around backward and I slid under the rail hitting the vertical post squarely in my back and stopped immediately. Knocked my air out, and fortunately, I was wearing my backpack, which was loaded for the two-hour ride to get there and the two-hour ride home. That saved me from sure back damage as well. 

Speed estimations are somewhere between 60-70 mph…I was not wearing a leather jacket, but my jacket was padded and decorated with patches and such and made by Rocket. The left and right shoulders were left without the patches. I was wearing wrangler outdoor pants with thigh cargo pockets. It tore the whole left side cargo pocket completely off the pants,  but the Bohn Armor thigh pad and hip pad performed marvelously with minimal damage. The left shin mesh of the Bohn Armor, which holds the knee and shin pad was torn but the padding itself sustained minimal damage. 

I kept the outdoor pants for a long time, they were destroyed but the Bohn pants barely had a scratch. After the accident I lost my Bohn skull cap, which I absolutely love by the way, because of the quickness of how I got up, removed my helmet and began thanking the LORD for sparing my life. 

When everyone assembled at the crash site I began to talk about my gear and the padded underpants that performed so amazingly awesome, which everyone was curious about. Now we have several guys that have your armor as well.

I have not replaced my damaged pants, I AM ACTUALLY STILL WEARING THEM!! To me, it is well worth the minute it takes me to put them on and the 3 minutes to remove them at work. Then when I am about to leave, I simply take the time to put them back on… not a big especially when I think about the damage to me,  THAT COULD HAVE BEEN had I not had them on that day. 

Thank you for making these pants.

~Johnathan Boyd


The customer was wearing: Cool-Air Armored Riding Pants.


Live to Ride (Another Day)

Riding a motorcycle is a hazardous sport. It’s kind of in between skydiving and boating.

As God’s alpha creatures on earth, we get tremendous satisfaction and a feeling of being alive from challenging ourselves with these activities. However, they are dangerous and we must take appropriate precautions. The better prepared you are, the more likely you will live to play another day.

Here is a picture I took of my 2011 Harley Wide Glide laying in the middle of Thirteenth Street NW and New York Avenue, two blocks from the White House. I was able to take this picture because of being prepared for the unplanned. Even though it was after sunset, there is a lot of artificial light allowing the photo to be taken without a flash. What should be noted is that I was able to stand up to take the photo.

Kudos to HD for making engine guards that work. They minimized the damage to the bike to the right side signal lights, the windscreen, the pipes and a mirror.

With Bohn body armor pants under my blue jeans and wearing a Bilt Techno hi-viz mesh jacket having CE Level 1 armor, I managed to execute my unscheduled dismount onto asphalt at 10 miles an hour without bruises or road rash. However, I was reminded the following day that my 67 year old body is afflicted with osteoarthritis. Fortunately the Bell 500 open face helmet with face shield I was wearing did not hit the pavement. Remember: “ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME”.

Education also helped me walk away from this situation. I took a basic rider safety course 10 years ago. But I continue to build on that basic training by reading articles in HOG Magazine and other publications. By following these nuggets of knowledge, you too can “Live to Ride” (another day)!
Reference: HOG Issue 048, 2019.


When all is said and done, no matter how conspicuous you’ve made yourself, a good rule of thumb is to ride as if you’re invisible. Assume that other drivers (and riders) can’t see you, and act accordingly. This will help keep you in a defensive state of mind. After all, you can’t do anything to make the drivers around you drive better. But you can do a lot to help make sure they see you – and be ready to react when they don’t.

–Samuel York


70 MPH Unscheduled Dismount

Thanks. More than you’ll know.

Turnpike in the rain. Just passed two trucks. Returning to the slow lane.

Back wheel slipped out on the white dashed dividing line. 70 mph unscheduled dismount.

Bohn Armor pants. Walked away. Not a scratch. 

Bike was totaled…a real “garage sale” disintegration.  

I did not damage the armor itself but did rip the shell.

I’ve used Bohn Armor for approx. 6 years…100,000 miles.

I’ve included a picture of the minimal damage the shell received and a pic of my bike about an hour before my accident.



Torn Jeans Without a Scratch

This is why I always wear my Bohn Body Armor! I was riding off road today and caught a patch of ice. No injuries, not even a scratch! Thanks Bohn Body Armor, you saved the day!

(Customer was wearing All-Season Armored Motorcycle Pants )


live_it_up_00 (via Instagram)

Punched a Deer in the Chest!!

Just want to thank you for a great product. I put it to the test yesterday 9-28-18 after punching a deer in the chest my right hand still on the throttle of my DR at about 35 mph.

I went down (highside) hard enough to crack the shell on my helmet. I ended up with a broken thumb from the direct impact with the deer, but only slight rug rash from the pads on my left knee and elbows.

The gravel shredded my jeans, but the body armor is a little dirty with no other visible damage. Please feel free to post this testimonial.


Chris Lee, Aka NMRed, Tularosa, NM

Head On Impact with Car

Just a word of thanks. Out on the motorbike and got involved in a head on with a car crossing my path. No impact injuries to speak of. Snapped the ankle due to a twisting action.

Recovering now. Hope to be back on the road again soon.

Will always reach for Bohn Armor.

Thanks again for all your efforts and for your motorcycle riding protection.


Simon W.--NSW, Australia