All-Season Airtex Riding Shirt Shell – Black


Fabric Shell Only—No Armor.

Fabric shells are shirts, pants and shorts with no armor. If you already own a set of Bohn armor, your armor will fit snugly into the pockets of any of our fabric shells.

  • Armor pockets fit Bohn upper body armor (back, shoulder and arm)
  • Comfortable, mid-weight mesh ventilated panels are breathable and cool
  • Soft and stretchy—fits a wide range of body types
  • Wear as a lightweight jacket or under your favorite riding gear
  • Lasts for years with proper care



Ventilated, Comfortable, Lightweight Back Protection

The latest Level 2 armored protection for your upper body

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90 Day Guarantee Bohn Body Armor

Fabric and Design:

  • Sporty jacket style with checkered flag trim with armor pockets to fit Bohn armor
  • Convenient full-length front zipper—easy on, easy off
  • Soft Lycra® and mid-weight mesh construction
  • Ventilated comfort-great for all seasons


  • Armor pockets fit Bohn upper body armor (back, shoulder and arm)
  • Air flows freely through ventilated front, back and arms
  • Stretchy Lycra® fabric keeps armor in place while giving you great range of motion
  • Virtually invisible under your favorite clothing
  • Non-shrink/non-run fabric


  • Cool and comfortable
  • Freedom of movement
  • Unisex design fits both men and women from XS through 4XL
  • Lasts for years with proper care
  • Easy to launder, fast drying

NOTE:  This product does NOT come with armor!  If you are looking for the fully armored version, click here.



Q: What is a fabric shell?
A: Fabric shells are shirts, pants and shorts with no armor. If you already own a set of Bohn armor, your armor will fit snugly into the pockets of any of our fabric shells.

Q: So does this come with armor?
A: No. This product does NOT come with armor. If you are looking for the fully armored version, click here.

Q: Why would I need a fabric shell?
A: There are many reasons why you might want to have an extra shell or two on hand. The most common one is so that you will always have an extra clean shirt, pants or shorts ready to go. This is extremely helpful when traveling and you may not have access to laundry facilities. Other reasons can include:

  • Change your style: Match your unique style with different colors
  • Weather changes: Choose a new shell for cooler or warmer weather
  • Weight changes: Maybe you’ve gained or lost a few pounds, a new fabric shell can help with that too!

One of the most convenient things about our Bodyguard System is that you only have to buy the armor once and it fits into any of our shells so you can swap it out as needed.

Q: Do the shells have pockets for the armor?
A: The shells have all of the same pockets for armor as our fully armored versions. 

Q: How do I put the armor into my shell?
A: Armor installation may take a few practice runs but it becomes easier after you have done it a time or two. Full armor installation instructions can be found here.

Q: Is this shirt abrasion resistant?
A: The main design function of our Airtex Shirt is impact protection. While the armor pieces do offer you some abrasion resistance in a fall, the shirt itself is not reinforced with Kevlar® or Cordura®. Our goal with our shirts is to keep the armor right where you need it, if you need it. The armor stays snug to your body and won’t flop around like other riding shirts / jackets do.

If you are concerned with abrasion resistance try pairing the shirt with a lightweight Kevlar® jacket, sweatshirt or hoodie.

Q: What is the difference between your Airtex and Cool-Air Shirts?
A: The All-Season Airtex Armored Shirt is made from a breathable mid-weight mesh fabric on the front, back and arms with a stretchy Lycra® fabric at the shoulders, elbows and wrist.  The Cool-Air Shirt is made entirely from a stretchy, lightweight elastic mesh material. Both types of shirts offer shoulder, elbow / forearm and back protection. Airtex Shirts have consistently been popular among our all-season riders. The Cool-Air Shirts are popular for people who ride in very hot and humid climates.

Q: I am in between sizes, how do I know which one to choose?
A: Great question. If you are in-between sizes or you are having trouble fitting into our size chart, give us a call 704-663-0351 or email us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to help. Indicate your waist, inseam, height and weight if you would like.

Another option: Oftentimes customers will order one size fully armored and then a fabric shell in another size and return the fabric shell of the one that does not fit. This saves time and money in the long run should you order the wrong size.

We do ask that you contact us via telephone or email to request an RMA number and let us know which size you are sending back. This helps to expedite your return within our facility.


Shirt Sizing and Measurements

SIZING QUESTIONS? Confused about your size, in between sizes or need assistance? Please give us a call 704-663-0351 or email us at [email protected]. We will get back to you quickly. 


TO MEASURE CHEST: Measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably snug—not loose or tight.

(Sleeve, Front and Back measurements are not to be used for sizing. These measurements are simply helpful for our customers with longer or shorter torsos and arms.)

XS 28″-32″ 71-81cm 22″ 20.5″ 23.5″
S 32″-36″ 81-91cm 22″ 20.5″ 23.5″
M 36″-40″ 91-102cm 22.5″ 21.5″ 24.5″
L 40″-44″ 102-112cm 23.5″ 21.5″ 24.5″
XL 44″-48″ 112-122cm 24 21.5 24.5″
2XL 48″-52″ 122-132 cm 24 22.5 25″
3XL 52″-56″ 132-142cm 24.5″ 24″ 26.5″
4XL 56″-60″ 142-152cm 25 24.5″ 27


Our pocket design enables you to easily remove the armor and wash your fabric shells for years of use.

Follow the steps below to ensure long-lasting wear and care:

  1. Pull the fabric back on the armor pockets to remove the armor. (Note: failure to remove armor may cause damage to the fabric shell.)
  2. Wash the fabric shells on a low temperature setting and Gentle Cycle .
  3. We recommend using an activewear detergent when laundering your garments to maintain the integrity of the stretch in the fabric.
  4. Be sure not to wash Bohn fabric shells with items that have Velcro, hooks or accessories that could catch and snag the fabric.
  5. Dry shells on low temperature or hang dry.
  6. When dry, reinsert the armor pieces into their respective pockets and pull the pocket flaps into place. This ensures the armor will stay in place.

Please NOTE:

  • Our garments must be washed regularly. Salt air and sweat left on the garment can break down the stretch in the garment so it is imperative that the garments be washed regularly and not stored for long periods of time with salt or sweat. 
  • Also, pilling and runs can occur if the garment is consistently rubbing against something that agitates the garment (ie. tag, plastic, loose seam, etc.), so please be certain you do not have anything that will agitate the fabric. If you start seeing pilling, turn your jeans, pants or jacket worn over your Bohn garment inside out and feel for the item that is rubbing on your garment. 

**Improper care (ie. lack of laundering) and pilling of garments is not warrantied. 

With proper care, our garments can last years. We wish you many years of riding protection!

Customer Reviews

Glad It Comes as a Shell
Emailed Review

I originally purchased my Airtex in size Medium but after giving birth I discovered that it no longer fit 🙁 I called Bohn and spoke with a customer service rep to find out my correct size (XL!!!) I was not too thrilled about having to purchase a new shirt (in a bigger size, no less) but she told me that they also come as a shell and that the armor from my Medium would fit the new size. I love my Bohn and was prepared to pay full price to replace it but that was quite good news for my credit card!

Safety you can’t deny

I’ve purchased two pairs of pants and two shirts. I couldn’t be happier! If you think you wear a large, buy a medium, the tighter the better. You can’t get better unobtrusive safety gear! I’ve worn mine under work clothing and under casual clothes when out for a ride. I’ve been asked why I don’t wear safety gear, but what no one realizes is that I am!

Riding Shirt

This product is fantastic. The moment I put it on I was impressed with the construction and fit. Not only looks great but the functionality is second to none. You can’t find anything like this off-the-shelf. The customer service is excellent. I ordered another shirt immediately after I received the first one. Looking forward to trying the pants on the next purchase.


To see reviews on the fully armored version, click here.