Kevlar Flannel Riding Shirt – Purple


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Take your protection to a whole new level with the new Kevlar-lined armored flannel in purple + black plaid. Stylish, warm and comfortable, this flannel will keep you protected and on your shoulders, back and arms on every ride. Great for all riding seasons. 

  • DuPont™ Kevlar® Lined for Abrasion Resistance
  • Universal armor pockets hold Bohn’s highest-rated CE-Level 2 Armor for the shoulders, arms and back
  • Gusset on the back of sleeves provides great range of motion
  • Soft cotton flannel
  • Zipper front with full snaps to the neck
  • 2 outer pockets on the chest
  • 2 inside pockets

Also available in Black, Grey + Black, Grey + Red and Yellow + Black



This soft cotton flannel kevlar shirt is the perfect addition to your riding wardrobe. Stylish and comfortable for on or off the bike.

  • Universal armor pockets hold Bohn’s highest-rated CE-Level 2 Armor for the shoulders, arms and back
  • Kevlar-lined for extra slide protection and a little extra wind protection
  • Heavy-duty durable construction
  • Full-zip up the front 
  • Button closure to neck
  • Two front button closure pockets
  • Two inside deep pockets for keys, phone etc.
  • Optional Armor – Measurements:
     – 2 Shoulder Sections (
    5 in wide x 8 in long for XS-2XL OR 6 in wide x 9 in long for 3XL+) Weight – 2oz each
     – 2 Arm/Elbow Sections (5 in wide x 12 in long for XS-2XL) Weight – 3.5oz each
     – 1 Back Armor 12.5 in wide x 16.75 in long, Weight – 11oz

This shirt fits any Bohn armor you have.


Q: What type of protection does this shirt offer me?
Our Kevlar Flannel Motorcycle Riding Shirt offers reinforced protection on the back and CE-Level 2 protection on the shoulders, arms and back.

Q: Is this shirt abrasion-resistant?
Yes. It is fully lined with DuPont Kevlar throughout. PLUS an added bonus of having armor on your back, arms and shoulders for additional abrasion protection.

Q: If I already have your shirt armor, will that armor fit into this flannel shirt?
Yes, all of our armor is interchangeable throughout all of our shirts and jackets.

Q: Am I the same size in your mesh and winter shirts as I am in this flannel?
A: It is best to follow the sizing profile for this product. Our armored mesh and winter shirts are designed to be snug to the body so they work on a different sizing profile than this shirt.

Q: I am worried about ordering the wrong size, can I call to get a fitting over the phone?
A: Great question. Give us a call 704-663-0351 or email us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to help. Indicate your height, weight and chest size.

Q: I want to order for a friend but I am not sure of their size.
 If you are ordering for a friend, give us a call – 704-663-0351. We can help size that person or you can always opt for a gift certificate.

Q. Is this shirt made in America too?
A. Gosh, we sure wish! With the pressure from our customers to bring new products them, we’ve been searching for a 2nd sewist for over 3 years now since our current sewist is at capacity. The pandemic the last two years has made that quest even harder. We do intend to make these stateside at some point, but we are testing the waters to see if these products excite our customers. But here is the good thing…they’re not made in China! 🙂 Please stay tuned. We are committed to American made and we’re continuing our search. 


Our pocket design enables you to easily remove the armor and wash your fabric shells for years of use.

Follow the steps below to ensure long-lasting wear and care. 

  1. Pull the fabric back on the armor pockets to remove the armor. (Note: failure to remove armor may cause damage to the fabric shell.)
  2. For best results, we strongly recommend the fabric shell be dry cleaned (Please speak with your dry cleaner to make sure they can properly care for your garment due to the Kevlar lining). The fabric shell can also be handwashed in cold water, using a mild detergent.
  3. Spot clean as needed.
  4. Hang dry.
  5. Iron on low.

Please NOTE:

  • Pilling can occur if the garment is consistently rubbing against something that agitates the garment (ie. tag, plastic, loose seam, etc.), so please be certain you do not have anything that will agitate the fabric. 

**Improper care (ie. lack of laundering), pilling and shrinking of garments is not warrantied. 

With proper care, our garments can last years. We wish you many years of riding protection!

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