Winter | Armored Motorcycle Riding Pants


Extend your riding season and slip these warm armored pants under your favorite jeans. Ideal for cool/cold weather riding.

  • Removable armor offers protection for tailbone, hips, thighs, knees and shins (CE-Level 2 on knees, shins and hip.)
  • Super soft, brushed 8oz Lycra is stretchy, comfortable and warm
  • Wear under jeans, pants or rain-gear for extra added warmth and comfort
  • Pants keep armor close to the body and in the right place for when you need it
  • Removable armor for easy laundering
  • Comes standard with a fly

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Extra fabric shell without armor ($97+). This option is great for people who travel and need an extra clean shell or want different fabric options for different seasons or riding styles.

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90 Day Guarantee Bohn Body Armor

Protection and Comfort:

The Performance-Thermal Armored pants are a warm base layer in cool/cold motorcycle riding conditions.

CE-Level 2 Armor now comes standard in all of our pants! The latest Impact Technology Available! Lightweight, Breathable and Comfortable.


  • Removable armor offers protection for tailbone, hips, thighs, knees and shins (CE-Level 2 on knees, shins and hip. Tailbone and thigh is now thinner, lighter and more comfortable).
  • High-performance shock absorption
  • Flexible—fits the curves of the body
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Tear and break-resistant
  • Repeat performance (rarely needs replacement after a fall/crash)
  • Armor measurements: Tailbone armor- 5.25 in (top) / 2.25 (bottom) wide x 8 in long x .23 inches thick – 1.75oz
    Thigh Armor- 8.5 in (top) / 7 in (bottom) wide x 10 in long x .23 inches thick
    Hip Armor- 9 in wide x 5.5 in tall x .35 in thick – 2.5oz each
    Knee Armor – 5.25 in wide x 12.25 in long Weight – 3oz each

Fabric and Design:

  • Stretchy, Soft brushed Lycra® fabric keeps armor in place while giving you great range of motion
  • Convenient ankle zippers—easy on, easy off
  • Snug fit for added warmth
  • Non-shrink/non-run fabric
  • Removable armor for easy laundering


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Freedom of movement
  • Virtually invisible under your clothes
  • Unisex design fits both men and women – 2XS -3XL
  • Lasts for years with proper care
  • Easy to launder, see care instructions

Pair with: Performance-Thermal Shirt for the ultimate motorcycle riding protection system during the winter

Order a shell for hot/humid riding: try our Cool-Air mesh pants and Cool-Air Mesh shirt


Q & A

Q. Can I wear these without overpants?
A. Technically you could, but the pants are meant to be worn as a protective layer for impact and for warmth during colder weather under your pants or jeans. Think of them like armored, thermal pants.

Q. What temperature can I wear these in?
A. We put them to the test and here is what we can report. With a pair of jeans, they are great in temperatures between 45-65. If you have a faring on your bike, you can go lower down to 30-35. Once it gets over 65-70 they can get toasty and at that point, we would recommend wearing our Adventure Pants fabric shell.

What is great about these pants is that you can layer them with any overpants you want. Certainly, the thicker your overpants are or the more “wind-cutting” they are, the lower temps you can go. But with jeans, the sweet spot is 45-65 without a faring. 

Think of them like you would a pair of thermal pants you would wear when you ski. They add just that nice additional soft, warm layer to help keep you from being chilled. 

Q. Do these pants have abrasion-resistant materials?
A. No, they do not have Kevlar or other abrasion-resistant materials. However, where there is armor, you’ll have abrasion resistance. And, since our pants have more armored areas than any pants on the market, by including thigh and tailbone armor and elongating the shin protection, you have a tremendous amount of coverage and protection on your legs.

Having said that, we always recommend a nice pair of Kevlar jeans over the pants for the best protection.

Q. What kind of material are they made of?
A. Our pants are made of thicker, Lycra® material, so they are stretchy and comfortable, but add a layer of warmth.

Q. Do you offer warm protection for the upper body?
A. Yes, we offer our matching shirt called the Performance-Thermal Armored Riding Shirt. You can purchase that by clicking here.

Fabric and Armor Care



Lycra and Mesh Shirts, Pants and Shorts Instructions: 

Follow the steps below to ensure long-lasting wear and care:

  1. Pull the fabric back on the armor pockets to remove the armor. (Note: failure to remove armor may cause damage to the fabric shell.)
  2. Wash fabric shells on a low-temperature setting and gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not dry clean!
    White Summer Mesh shirts must be washed with white clothes only or by hand. Discoloration due to washing with colored garments, leaving sunscreen on the garment too long or stains are not warrantied. 
  3. We recommend using an activewear detergent when laundering your garments to maintain the integrity of the stretch in the fabric.
  4. Do not wash Bohn fabric shells with items that have Velcro®, hooks or accessories that could catch and snag the fabric or with garments that have not been washed before. 
  5. Dry shells at a low temperature or best to just hang them dry.
  6. We recommend removing the armor from your Bohn gear from time to time to clean it as detergent residue, salt (including body salt) and moisture can stick to it and could negatively affect the armor.
  7. Armor pieces should NOT be placed in the washing machine or dryer, but may be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become soiled.  
  8. When dry, reinsert the armor pieces into their respective pockets and pull the pocket flaps into place. This ensures the armor will stay in the proper position.

Please NOTE:

  • Our garments are made with Lycra® and must be washed regularly. Salt air and sweat left on the garment can break down the Lycra® in the garment so it is imperative that they be washed regularly and not stored for long periods of time with salt or sweat on them.
  • Also, pilling can occur if the garment is consistently rubbing against something that agitates the garment (i.e., tag, plastic, loose seam, etc.), so please be certain you do not have an overgarment that could agitate the fabric. If you start seeing pilling, turn your jeans, pants, or jacket inside out and feel for the item that is rubbing on your garment.

**Lack of care, pilling of garments, rips, tears, or lingering smells are not covered under our warranty.

With proper care, our garments can last years. We wish you many years of riding protection!

Armor Care Instructions:


We recommend removing the armor from your Bohn gear from time to time to clean it as detergent residue, salt (including body salt) and moisture can stick to it and negatively affect the armor.
Armor pieces should NOT be placed in the washing machine or dryer, but may be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become soiled. 

Recommended Temperature:

We recommend storing your protectors in temperatures above 55 degrees. Cold or hot temperatures will not affect the effectiveness of the protector, but extreme cold in addition to stress on the protector (ie. bending of the armor) can cause the pieces to crack. Please keep your protection inside your home and do not put your pants or shirts on when they have been sitting in temperatures below 50 degrees. They should be warmed first. Protectors can be worn on a cold ride as your body warmth should keep the protectors at a comfortable temperature. If you would like protectors specifically made for cold temperatures, please give us a call we have options. 

As such, do not stress the protectors in extremely cold weather conditions. For example, leaving pieces in a cold garage and then putting them on can cause armor with articulation to crack at the articulation points. 

Just use good judgment when wearing the protectors and try your best to keep them against your warm body or stored in temperatures above 50-60 degrees for the longest life. DO NOT use frozen protectors–bring them inside to warm up before you use them.


Limb armor, like your helmet, has an expiration date typically 5-10 years from manufacture. Cracking of the armor pieces is not warrantied as this means one of two things:

  1. The armor placement is incorrect on your body (see the proper placement graphic below) and stressed over and over at an articulation point.  
  2. It has been subjected to cold temperatures and then bent or used while frozen or cold. This is virtually the ONLY way the protector can/will crack unless you took scissors or a knife and cut it. If your protector is affected and you are 100% confident that you have taken care of your protector, please give us a call. If you need to replace your armor, you can find all of our armor here>> 





Armor Installation

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