Shoulder, Knee or Elbow Armor (6×9) – CE-Level 2


  • Sold in pairs
  • Certified as: CE-Level 2 – Knee, Shoulder or Elbow
  • Best Fit: Bohn Shirts 2XL-5XL, Adventure Pants 3XL -4XL and any non-Bohn branded garments with 6×9 pockets

  • CE-Level 2  Shoulder, Knee or Elbow Armor Read More About CE Ratings Here
  • Fits into the pocket the shoulder in your existing Bohn Shirts
  • Also Fits Shoulder, Knee and Elbow of most other manufacturers
  • Molded shape contours to your body for nearly custom fit
  • Soft, lightweight + comfortable during wear yet provides exceptional impact protection
  • Ventilated for incomparable airflow
  • Rugged, high-performance construction fits into existing pockets
  • European designed and manufactured by SAS-TEC Germany
  • Designed for use in Bohn fabric shells but easily fits in many jackets 
  • Multi-use (crash) construction – inspect only for visible damage after a spill
  • Approx size 6 in wide x 9 in long 
  • Weight 2oz each
  • SKU: SC1/45S
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Universal protector is certified as a CE-Level 2 Shoulder, Elbow and Knee armor.

  • Approx size 6 in wide x 9 in long, weight 2oz each
  • Will fit in other manufacturers shirts, jackets and pants
  • Designed to fit in Bohn shirts

We all know that technology changes rapidly and that includes motorcycle body armor. Looking to upgrade your protection to the latest specs? Bohn is proud to announce our NEW Level 2 Armor! This pair of shoulder armor pieces allows you to replace the outdated shoulder armor in your shirt without having to purchase a new shell, making it easy to continue riding in your favorite Bohn gear!

Maybe you are looking to replace the useless foam that comes with many suits and pants? Upgrade your suit to Bohn Armor! Many suit manufacturers simply use comfort foam to pad out shoulders, etc., which provides little to no actual protection. After all, their business is to sell you a nice suit, not armor!

Level 2 Armor is European designed and manufactured (by SAS-TEC) to provide maximum comfort as well as maximum protection. The viscoelastic soft foam is lightweight and conforms to your anatomy for all-day wearability yet reacts immediately to disperse the force of even minor impacts away from the human body. Its system of interlocking polygons allows it to flex and move with the rider but locks into position to provide full-coverage protection.

Unlike many other types of commonly available motorcycle protection, our armor is multi-impact compliant. That means it remains fully functional even after repeated hits. There is no need to replace your armor after an unscheduled dismount unless it is significantly damaged. 

If you liked our original Bohn Shoulder armor you will LOVE this new version!

Armor is sold in pairs so you only need to order one set per shirt!!   

For armor installation instructions, please click here.



Q: What is Level 2 armor? 
A: Here’s the official answer: CE Level 2 limb armor conforms to CE Level 2 standard if the average transmitted force of nine tests is less than 20 kN for limb armor and 9kN for back armor.

Translated into everyday English, CE Level 2 armor dissipates force better than CE Level 1 .

Q: Do I need Level 2 Armor?
A: Truly it is a preference as to what level of protection you are looking for. For most street and dual sport riders riding safely and within the speed limit, CE Level 1 protection is sufficient. Companies still produce Level 1 armor and some are made with even the newest technologies. At Bohn Armor, we’ll be riding with the new Level 2 product as it is designed specifically for our garments to make them extremely comfortable, lighter, more ventilated and come with the latest technology. We feel that our newest iteration is our best yet!

Q: Why are your thigh and tailbone armor pieces not CE-rated?
A: While our thigh armor and tailbone armor are made with Level 1 certified materials used for the hip, knee, shin, shoulder and elbow, what most people don’t realize is that those particular armor pieces cannot be officially certified Level 1 OR 2. There is just no certification/test for that. We offer those pieces for extra added protection where most other companies don’t.

We want our riders to be safe and the thighs and tailbone are also quite vulnerable to injury and road rash. However, what is really fantastic about the thigh and tailbone pieces is that they are made from incredible materials so they are super thin, and lightweight and still provide the best protection available for those areas. No other company can say that about their pants! 

Q: Is this D3O®? Does it harden on impact?
A: D3O® is a non-Newtonian polymer which means that it is soft and malleable in a non-stressed state but it instantly hardens when sudden stress (impact) is applied.

The Bohn Level 2 Armor, on the other hand, features progressive absorption as demonstrated in Newton’s Third Law of Motion (for every action [force] in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction). That means the air that is embedded within the cells of the foam resists force in direct response to how much force it is being subjected to. This characteristic allows the armor to effectively dissipate force at both high and low-impact speeds.

Q: What is the average lifespan on the Level 2 Armor?
A: Depending on the amount of riding you do, as well as your individual riding conditions, the viscoelastic foam could potentially last up to ten years.

Also, keep in mind that armor technology improves greatly every few years so you should find that each new set you purchase is much further ahead in quality, fit, feel and technology from what you had before.

Q: How do I take care of the armor pieces? What’s the best way to store them when I’m not riding?
A: We recommend removing the armor from your Bohn gear from time to time to clean it as detergent residue, salt (including body salt) and moisture can stick to it and negatively affect the armor.

Armor pieces should NOT be placed in the washing machine or dryer, but may be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become soiled. 

During the off-season, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is always a good idea to give everything a thorough cleaning before storing it away and we also recommend not storing it in a rolled or folded position as that can cause undue stress on the armor, causing it to wear out quicker.

Q: Does it need to be replaced after a crash?
A: Bohn Level 2 Armor has long-lasting crash construction and is meant for repeat use. If you go down, merely inspect for visible damage. If the damage is significant then you will need to replace the armor piece(s), if it is simply scratched, you do not have to replace it, simply sand off any hard or sharp edges and continue to use.

Q: Will these fit in the Bohn gear that I already own?
A: The new Bohn Level 2 Armor pieces have been designed to fit within the existing pockets of your Bohn Armored Pants, Shirts and Shorts. They are universally sized so they are also compatible with most other brands of protective gear.  

Q: What side of the flexible flat armor goes against my body?
A: While your first instinct may be to insert the armor with the interlocking part away from you, it is actually designed to have the solid part as the outer surface. The channels between the polygon “nubs” allow for more airflow to the skin, which leads to a more comfortable ride overall.

Q. Can I use these protectors in the cold?
A. Yes you can. But you need to warm them to your body before you use them in the cold. See the tab for care for more information on this. 

Q: I am sensitive to latex. Is your armor safe for me to wear?
A: The comfort of our customers ranks second only to their safety. The Bohn Level 2 Armor is latex free. 

Armor Care and Best Use


We recommend removing the armor from your Bohn gear from time to time to clean it as detergent residue, salt (including body salt) and moisture can stick to it and negatively affect the armor.

Armor pieces should NOT be placed in the washing machine or dryer, but may be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become soiled. 


We recommend storing your protectors in temperatures above 50-60 degrees. Extreme temperatures will not affect the effectiveness of the protector, but extreme cold in addition to stress on the protector (ie. bending of the armor) can cause the pieces to crack. 

A such, do not stress the protectors in extremely cold weather conditions. For example, leaving pieces in a cold garage and then putting them on can cause armor with articulation to crack at the articulation points. 

Just use good judgment when wearing the protectors and try your best to keep them against your warm body or stored in temperatures above 50-60 degrees for the longest life. DO NOT use frozen protectors–bring them inside to warm up and then use.


Limb armor, like your helmet, has an expiration date typically 5-10 years from manufacture. Cracking of the armor pieces is not warrantied as this means one of two things.

  1. The armor placement is incorrect on your body (see proper placement graphic below).
  2. It has been subjected to cold extreme temperatures and then bent or used while frozen or cold. If your protector is affected and you are confident that you have taken care of your protector, please give us a call.

Armor Installation

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