ER Doc Asked Why All Riders Don’t Wear This

I was the victim of a hit and run crash while riding my motorcycle. The driver looked right at me, pulled out, then when I was done falling, he looked at me again, then drove off.

I was wearing your motorcycle armor pants under my jeans and I had replaced the armor in my jacket with your armor.

As I was laying on my hands and knees on Hwy 85 I thought I had a broken leg and ribs.

Upshot? the doctors and nurses in the ER were just amazed. No broken bones, no road rash. I did feel like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. But, I walked out of the ER!

I had some unique bruises, on my left leg and rib cage. They matched your armor exactly.

The doctor in the ER spent 3-5 minutes just looking at my armor. He said I should have been hurt a lot worse than I was and asked how come all riders don’t wear this armor. All I could tell him was ‘good question.’

I was going about 40MPH and the EMT told me I had slid about 100 feet.

I give praise to Christ and you guys for saving my butt, literally.

Thank you and good job.

–Mr. Tracey M

PS- Pictures of your armor won’t do much good, it all still looks brand new.

Review update from Tracey — March 2018

My name is Tracey, I just ordered replacement garments for myself and a complete Bohn riding suit for my wife. I’m replacing mine due to losing 47 pounds, and the fact I’ve had these for well over 100,000 miles. These pants have seen both oceans, the Gulf. They’ve gotten peeks at Canada and Mexico as well. They even prevented me being seriously injured, or worse.
I’ll tell the horror story first, seven years ago this August, I got hit by a car while en route to Sturgis. The driver waved me past him, then, nailed me when I was halfway past him. I walked to the ambulance. While in the ER the doctor told me, “You should be hurt a lot worse than this, we should be calling Flight For Life. Why don’t all riders wear this?”
In the last about ten years, these armored pants have been through desert heat, hail, rain, dust storms, snow. More than once, on the same day. When I get to a National Park or Monument etc., I’ll take off hiking. Not sure how many miles I have in these things. I know that  I have done at least two hikes of around 15 miles.
I can’t exaggerate the flat out abuse I’ve put this armor and fabric through. There have been times I’d just take them into the motel shower with me. For those that do serious traveling on your bike, you get it. I’m looking forward to the next 100,000 miles in my new armor and fabrics (and I hope 25 additional pounds).


I Had About Given Up On Finding Protection That Fits

As a larger woman I had about given up on finding any protective riding pants that fit.

An up close and personal encounter with a deer only increased my desire for some type of protection.

I saw an ad for Bohn Body Armor and checked it out.

They fit great under my so-called jeans (women’s fashion has dictated an almost paper thin material to be used in “jeans”) and no one has been able to tell that I was wearing motorcycle armor.

I now feel more protected when I ride.– Cris C.


70 MPH Unscheduled Dismount

Thanks. More than you’ll know.

Turnpike in the rain. Just passed two trucks. Returning to the slow lane.

Back wheel slipped out on the white dashed dividing line. 70 mph unscheduled dismount.

Bohn Armor pants. Walked away. Not a scratch. 

Bike was totaled…a real “garage sale” disintegration.  

I did not damage the armor itself but did rip the shell.

I’ve used Bohn Armor for approx. 6 years…100,000 miles.

I’ve included a picture of the minimal damage the shell received and a pic of my bike about an hour before my accident.



To Our Delight, We Were Cool and Comfortable

Hello from Thailand! 

We purchased Bohn Armor several months ago and love your product. Road riding can be quite treacherous here in Thailand but with  Bohn Armor we feel that much more protected. A big concern was the Armor in the heat and humidity. But to our delight we are cool and comfortable. We sent you are measurements and the sizes you recommended were perfect.

I would highly recommend your product.

Thank you

C. Sawatzky


Head On Impact with Car

Just a word of thanks. Out on the motorbike and got involved in a head on with a car crossing my path. No impact injuries to speak of. Snapped the ankle due to a twisting action.

Recovering now. Hope to be back on the road again soon.

Will always reach for Bohn Armor.

Thanks again for all your efforts and for your motorcycle riding protection.


Simon W.--NSW, Australia

Vroom Vroom Protection That I’m in Love With!

My husband bought these for my because I rarely wear my Rev’It pants. Usually just wear regular jeans (he doesn’t like that).

We live in central Florida where it’s in the 90’s most days, that’s not including humidity. Sitting at a stop light, I feel like I was soup sandwich. Which didn’t make me happy. So, he bought me these after a friend of mine told me she wears Bohn.

I’m 5’9, 115lbs, size 2 in jeans, we got the XS. It’s hard finding pants that fit me. I ride a street triple r, sat on my bike and positioned myself how I ride and got on/off a few times. I absolutely love it. Very light, extremely breathable in the Florida swamp heat, nice feel, soft, the seams are thick and don’t not irritate at all. Big plus in my book!

Without over pants or jeans on the top of them, I look quite goofy, the pads stick out. But once I had my jeans on, oh man do I feel protected. I hope like hell I never find out how protected I am. But at least my husband is more at ease knowing I have more than just jeans on.

Ladies, I highly recommend these! Fellas, if your woman has issues like me. Buy these for her! Like, today! You won’t regret it!



Your Armor Saved Me

Earlier this year I ordered the Bohn Body Armor Cool Air riding pants and shirt….at about 0830 this morning the pants helped save me along with my ICON armored jacket, and Scorpion helmet.

I’ve only been riding about 2 years and my MSF Instructors pounded it into our heads the All The Gear, All The Time mantra.
I was originally scheduled to work overtime today but wasn’t needed so decided to go for a ride. It was a beautiful blue sky morning with temps in the mid 70’s and a slight breeze, perfect riding weather. I’m riding along on a rural two lane road at about 50mph (the posted limit) feeling good with a car approaching me from the opposite direction. When I get to a point about 20 or so yards from her she decided to make that infamous left turn in front of me. I knew there wasn’t enough time nor road room, (no shoulders) to get around her so I started emergency braking.

I don’t know what my speed was at the point of impact but I do remember seeing the trunk of the car as I went over it. The bike hit the car in the front passenger quarter panel/door area and into the air I went. My body cleared the car and after a roll or two on the ground I was on my back staring up at the blue sky. Bike is probably totaled.

After an ambulance ride and some scans the ER doc told me I was one lucky guy. I came out of it with a badly bruised right knee, right ribs, and right forearm. No injuries to my hips, thighs or tail bone, NOT EVEN ROAD RASH!
The knee bruise is just above my knee cap where the Bohn knee/shin armor stops. My right knee had impacted the right side crash bar, as it was being torn backwards from the bike’s frame. I have no doubt that if I had not been wearing my Bohn pants my knee would have been crushed.
The armor in my Icon jacket saved my forearm and ribs, my Scorpion helmet saved my face and head. I’m now at home very sore but in one piece with no major injuries.



6 Yrs and 160K miles w/ Bohn Armored Pants

I bought the Bohn Armor Pants at the BMW shop in Los Angeles while I was working a project near there. They saw their first use in local tours along the Angeles Crest and the wonderfully twisted highways over the California coastal ranges. But it was after the project was completed and I was on my way home that I wore them through Death Valley at 115 degrees (F) one afternoon, then up over the pass to Yosemite in the icy early morning of the following day. That’s when Bohn “Under” Armor pants were permanently integrated into my touring outfit. They just plain worked.

Continue reading 6 Yrs and 160K miles w/ Bohn Armored Pants

L. E. (Lou) Wissenbach

US Army Crash Report from Korea

I’m stationed over in South Korea and ride as much as possible with our local club, the Yongsan Road Dragons.  I have a 1999 Harley Davidson Lowrider which I was out riding the other day…

The club was traveling south (12 bikes) to OSAN for the day.  I was the 4th bike in the far right lane when a car in the far left lane decided he missed his turn and veered all the way over to try to make his exit.  We were doing about 45 mph when he hit me.  I didn’t even see him coming.  He knocked me down an exit ramp.  Although hit extremely hard I stayed up on the bike and brought it to a stop. 

The hospital checked me out, I got some stitches on my leg (for a cut down to the bone), and have torn ligaments and muscles, but no breaks (except a toe and I don’t count them)! 

Here’s the strange part.  The guy had a metal bumper, which hit me directly on the knee.  Fortunately, I was wearing a full suit of your body armor under my clothes – including Cool-Air Pants.  Not one thing happened to my knee!  All the damage was where the armor stopped!  The guy’s metal bumper was torn off his vehicle – and I’m the only thing he hit!  That armor and the Big Rider Upstairs saved me some real damage! 

Keep up the great work and thanx !!!!!


— Major Van R Sikorsky

Totaled His Harley Ultra

I recently purchased your Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Shirt. Just a few weeks ago I went down on my Harley Ultra. The bike was all but totaled. Even with a full rain suit on, I somehow ended up with gravel in my jean pockets. To this day I don’t know how that could have happened!

Anyway, thanks to a helmet and your shirt the only injury I sustained, even felt, was what I think was a handle bar in the abdomen. Shoulders, elbows, back – didn’t feel a thing!


— Chuck W