Vroom Vroom Protection That I’m in Love With!

My husband bought these for my because I rarely wear my Rev’It pants. Usually just wear regular jeans (he doesn’t like that).

We live in central Florida where it’s in the 90’s most days, that’s not including humidity. Sitting at a stop light, I feel like I was soup sandwich. Which didn’t make me happy. So, he bought me these after a friend of mine told me she wears Bohn.

I’m 5’9, 115lbs, size 2 in jeans, we got the XS. It’s hard finding pants that fit me. I ride a street triple r, sat on my bike and positioned myself how I ride and got on/off a few times. I absolutely love it. Very light, extremely breathable in the Florida swamp heat, nice feel, soft, the seams are thick and don’t not irritate at all. Big plus in my book!

Without over pants or jeans on the top of them, I look quite goofy, the pads stick out. But once I had my jeans on, oh man do I feel protected. I hope like hell I never find out how protected I am. But at least my husband is more at ease knowing I have more than just jeans on.

Ladies, I highly recommend these! Fellas, if your woman has issues like me. Buy these for her! Like, today! You won’t regret it!