Replacement Armor

Has your existing armor expired (5-10yrs old)? Do you need to replace armor in a garment you purchased from another manufacturer? Or have you lost or need to upgrade the armor from your Bohn Armored Pants, Shirt or Shorts?


Time to Upgrade your Armor?
Our new armor is designed for use in Bohn fabric shells. The armor will fit into the pockets already in your shirts, pants or shorts. (Pants must have been purchased after 2012).

For existing Bohn customers: These new armor pieces are an upgrade to the armor that originally came with your garments, they are lighter, softer and offer additional impact protection over your previous armor. 

For customers replacing armor in other garments:
Please pay attention to the size of the armor piece to make sure that the armor will fit into your garments. Please note our two Shoulder sizes are also certified as a Level 2 Knee and Elbow. 

If you have questions about our new Bohn Armor please call 704-663-0351 or email [email protected]

Q. What is CE-Level 2 Armor?
A. It is the highest level of certification for limb and back protection available. In short, it is a safer bet in a crash as it can disburse more impact energy than a Level 1 protector or a protector with no designation.

Q. Why should I replace my limb and back armor?
A. Just as your helmet has an expiration date, so does your limb and back protection. Your helmet, limb and back protection are made from similar impact disbursing properties and over time these materials break down and wear out. Typically, the lifespan for limb and back protection is 5-10 years, depending on use, climate and storage.

Q. Are these protectors more comfortable than your last protectors?
A. Yes! We chose a super soft viscoelastic foam for these new protectors–they are softer, lighter, more flexible and heat reactive, meaning the hotter it is, the softer they get. We also redesigned the tailbone for more comfort, the thigh to make it slimmer and added holes to the knees, back, shoulder and elbow for increased ventilation…definite improvements over our last protectors! See the video above for an explanation on the difference between our previous armor.
Q. How do they compare to other CE-Level 2 protectors on the manufacturers like D30 and Forcefield?
A. Our new Ce-Level 2 protectors actually exceed the minimum level of certification for Level 2 by 30-40%. They’re also made of similar materials as other manufacturers, but ours are completely recyclable and repeat use–meaning that they can be used again and again even if you have a crash. Read review from Motorcycle Gear Hub Here>>
Q. I have another Back Protector that is lighter than this and I am sure it is a Level 2. 
A. Great question! We get this a lot. What we have found in every case/question we have gotten regarding this subject is that the customer didn’t realize their back protector was actually a level 1 protector. Be sure to check the back of the protector and check for the markings. If you have questions regarding markings, here is a great website to check. 
Q. Is this new armor made in China like some of your competitors.
A. NO WAY! We’re proud to say our new protectors are manufactured in Europe. We partnered with SAS-TEC in Germany for the design and development and we couldn’t be happier with their guidance, technology, ethics and top-notch manufacturing.