5K Trip Alone

Hey! Your product is OUTSTANDING! I ordered SHORTLY before a trip and you hussled and got them to me in time for departure. It was a 5K mile ride ALONE many miles after dark, all night sometimes! The confidence I had that I would survive a deer accident was reason enough to be happy with my purchase! I also did a Tail of The Dragon area ride for another 4K miles and wore it under jeans and leather pants! Both trips it got over 100 degrees and I was still comfortable! Great stuff! Now my problem is, I can’t feel right riding with my Girlfriend unless she also has it on…So I want to order her a suit, top and bottom and me a new pair of pants only, (Shell) as I have the armor…

Trust me when I say I am out there traveling all the time and selling and demonstrating your product for safety’s sake.

I have 60K on my 07 bike I bought in o8. A 3000 mile trip is normal for me, We are Iron Butt riders too. This year I only had 3 weeks vacation and still got 10K miles on the bike.

And we ride in winter! On the darkside!

I ordered some decals to put on the bike.

I felt like such a loser wearing Bohn Armor and my riding partner with the pretty legs has none, so I sprang for it today so we can wear it together. (I used to not wear it while riding with her and I felt NAKED!)


— Michael S