Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

That Airtex Shirt was the best investment I’ve ever made! Got it on a Thursday and left Saturday morning for two days of riding North GA mountains in 100 degree heat index @100% humidity.

The first day was all twisties, much of it in shaded gaps and I was actually cool. The second day was more sweeps along canyon ridges and interstate in bright sun to and from the canyon rims. On both days I wore a UV T-Shirt beneath and dressed out my arms and face in sunscreen.

On the second day I stopped every hour or so to pour chilled water over my arms, chest and back for the evaporative cooling effect and I was cool – all day long – and confident in being fully protected in the event of a fall. On the interstates in particular I find that the added confidence aids me in keeping my focus where it needs to be.

Thanks for offering such a great product. Feel free to reprint anywhere as a testimonial.


— Tom B