Big Deer Crash

Just wanted to thank Bohn Armor for the protection your pants provided. Both my wife and I were wearing your armored motorcycle riding pants (along with head, torso, feet and hand protection) when a deer jumped into our path at 75 mph (interstate driving).

The impact from the deer broke a few of our bones but the Bohn Armor Pants clearly saved our bones from impact and our skin from the 150′ asphalt slide that followed. Other than a little road rash on the side of one knee, the Bohn Armor clearly saved us from significant damage.

Both the medical staff and law enforcement couldn’t thank us enough for the gear we were wearing. Without it, they assured us the coroner rather than the ambulance would have transported us from the scene.

It may be a while before we ride again (bike was totaled) but if and when we do, we’ll have our new Bohn Armor protecting us.


— Peter & Lynne