Big Deer Impact

June 13,2009 I hit a deer with my 2000 Daytona 955i.  That is all I remember for the next 2 weeks.

When I became aware I found I had a severely broken R wrist and a loss of 2 feet of my intestines. I was wearing Bohn armor pants and shirt with full armor and the best helmet I can buy. The doctors all said if I would have had more broken bones or lots of road rash or other grievous injury I probably would not be here today.

It was your armor along with my helmet and the grace of God that kept me alive that day. I am a true disciple of ATGATT now, it saved my life. It was and still is a long recovery but I am alive and doing well.

I hope that perhaps someone in your R&D department is working on some type of protection for the belly area. According to all statistics involving motorcycle wrecks that area of the anatomy is injured in a high percentage of crashes.

The bad news is the Bohn gear gave its life for me, so now before spring arrives here in Western Pa. I need to save enough to once again get the best protective gear in the world.

Thank you so much.  If you need a better testimony send me an e-mail and I would be glad to do that for your company.



— Wilbur H