Bike Fell on Knee in Gravel Lot

I’m a combo rider. I ride a TW 200 mostly on the paved roads around my scenic town of Kanab, Utah, but since my bike is a dual sport and we have gorgeous, back-country dirt roads and trails as well, when I feel adventurous, I do a little exploring. I’m 53 and this is my first bike! I took the Motorcycle Safety Education Course and being older and wiser I want to have fun but do it as safely as possible and that includes protecting myself with good gear.

I wear a helmet, a padded, mesh jacket and I bought a pair of your Bohn Armored Pants to wear under my jeans. I was recently pulling from the paved road into a gravel parking lot and a car came around the other side of the building cutting me off. I braked hard, did a little slide with the bike falling on my knee.

Luckily, neither of us were going very fast. Without your armored pants I probably would have had a bad scrape because my pants were torn. I got away with bruise. I’ll continue to wear your pants. I feel much more protected and they are actually quite comfortable.


— Cherie M