Breakdown in Mexico Heat

Last week my wife and me were on a ride from Guadalajara, to Los Azufres, Michoacan State, after 40 mi I noticed a weird handling of our Goldwing. We stopped, checked the front wheel, which had low pressure, broke air valve seat due an excessive enthusiast gas station guy who checked both tires just a while ago when filling up (I always perform this task by myself, but with all the gear, 2 up, and the hot weather, I allowed him to do the check and adjust, my mistake)!

So there we were, in the middle of the 15D Hwy, with a flat tire, heavy noon sun. Phoned a friend, he promised to get his trailer along with his pickup in a while, (4 hours actually). We awaited at the curb no trees, no shadows close by. We get off all the gear we could, I was using my Bohn Cool-Air Armored Pants under my riding jeans, but my wife was using a black waterproof pant, so after the long wait, I noticed how cool I was with just a light T shirt, and my jeans. My wife tried to avoid the direct sunlight on her pants, using the bike, or her silver jacket, since she felt as burning from the sun, (95F showing on the bike’s air temp meter).

It was 16:30 when my friend showed, as soon as he parked the truck, my wife grabbed a bottle of water and went inside the truck, me and my friend set the bike on the trailer, fixed it, and look for the next U-turn point, my wife asked me to search for her shorts, because she can’t stand her pants anymore, so we stopped, I went to the trailer, search for her inner bag, and she fiddled inside the cab to get rid of her black armored textile pants, me?

I felt as usual, no discomfort at all, I barely noticed any sweat and the Cool-Air Pants were not intrusive at all, and since I chose the warm weather shell, I could stand it for several more hours, when we arrived, unloaded the bike on the shop, replace the air valve, along with the front tire which got a nasty inside groove and a lot of rubber dust, it was late evening when I was able to get rid of the armor and riding pants for normal jeans.

Of course now my wife demands her own Bodyguard System, period.


— Jose Luis V G