Customer Service Adds to their Quality

I want to say “Thanks!” to Shannon. If the customer service that she provides is only 10% of the quality of the product, then the pants will stand up to being run over by a tank. I hope to never find out how well the pants work, but as far as comfort and a little extra feeling of security, they fill the bill.

Riding in 95 degree weather was not unbearable. I found that the material is slippery enough to prevent binding and wrinkles. Jeans slip on easily. The ventilated panel went a long ways in preventing “swass”.

When ordering these, remember that they are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-a-b-l-e in all directions. The recommendation to go with the next smaller size when in doubt is valid. Matter of fact, going with the next smaller size even when not in doubt may not be a bad idea. Shannon will take care of any sizing problems you may have very efficiently.

Have only used these pants for about 3000 highway miles so far, but find them so comfortable that I’ve taken to using them even on the shorter 100-300 mile jaunts. Sort of fit like panty-hose. Not that I’d know how panty-hose fit (ok, maybe I do, but that was a long time ago).

Looking forward to some fall riding in colder temps to see how they perform then. Thanks for all your help.


— Chuck B