Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Thanks to your armored pants, my hip was saved during the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Los Angeles this past summer.

I wore them for protection under my “fashionable” suit pants. I took a spill making a sudden stop behind a crowd of other bikers and landed hard on my leg.

The bruising was bad, but if it hadn’t been for the armor inserts on the hip, no doubt I would have suffered a much more painful and serious injury.

This is what I was wearing on the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Los Angeles.

My Bohn Armor underwear saved the day!

As you can see the trousers are very lightweight and afforded zero protection…I never considered not wearing the Bohn Armor, especially the way I was dressed! Although my leg was bruised from my thigh down to my ankle, fortunately nothing was broken.

My wife was so impressed with the Bohn Armor that she’ll be ordering a set very soon.


— Mark Thompson