“I Was Launched Like a Golf Ball Off a Tee…”

Didn’t think that I would be reporting on the crash performance of Bohn Armored Pants so soon.

On my 2nd ride wearing the Adventures under a pair of MSR Explorer Pants, I was waiting to turn right off a side road onto well-traveled country 2-lane.

A car attempting to make a left turn onto the road I was on was struck by a pickup & knocked into me. I was launched off the back of my dual sport like a golf ball off a tee. I landed on my back about 8 feet behind my downed bike.

I’m an all-gear all the time guy. I ended up with a sprained wrist & a bruised bone just above my ankle. But, there were no broken bones, bruises or road rash in any area protected by the Bohn Pants.

I’m a believer, your armor works & you really don’t know you’re wearing it. Worth every penny! Leave all the armor in the pants… especially the tailbone armor.

BTW, I’ve been riding off & on road for 54 years, this was my first road accident.


— Mark L