Jeans Were Destroyed but Bohns Survived (As Did His Knee)

I was riding in Korea and I had my Bohn underarmor under a basic pair of polo jeans. I was forced to lay the bike down when a cab pulled out in front of me. The car behind me was tailgating and I managed to put my hand on the bumper. This kept me from going under the car, but I slid for a long distance. My jeans were destroyed. The doctor at the emergency room was amazed that my legs had no rash. The only rash was a small spot on my left knee where the pad shifted a bit during the initial impact with the concrete. The Bohns were not even damaged. Amazing product. Thank you for saving my skin and possibly destroying my knee. Sorry I didn’t have a camera with me and I left the hospital wearing my Bohn and paper hospital pants. They cut what was left of my jeans off on the way to X-ray. I told them if they even think about cutting my Bohns we are going to fight. Sorry I don’t have any pics.


— SFC Maia, Thomas F (US Army)