Just A Strawberry…

To whom it may concern, I just bit it at a traffic light earlier today when my front tire tucked under when I tried coming to a stop on a large spill of the crystals the state highway puts into its paint to make it reflect at night on the road.

I was wearing your spandex type pants with padding underneath my jeans.

The two things which hit the pavement first was my right knee and my right shoulder. My head never hit the pavement. If it wasn’t for the knee and hip pads in your armor who knows what could’ve happened.

I walked away with a small strawberry on my knee and nothing else. It’s ironic, because I just finished thanking the two guys at the Bohn tent at Laguna Seca for making such a comfortable product.

Thank you to all the men and women at the factory for making a product I can say positively prevented worse damage to my knee and hip area. Keep up the great work.


— Buna C III