Motorcycles and Mountain Bikes

I ordered the Cool-Air Pants in December to use with my motorcycle, but also to use mountain biking. The southern New England winter has kept the motorcycles in the garage, but I was able to do some mountain bike single track in January wearing the pants before the snow got too deep.

I’m 74 and living with a broken neck, rebuilt shoulder, 2 replaced knees, major back surgery and rebuilt thumb (happenings from 1954- 2014), due to osteoarthritis except for the neck.

I found your pants to be essentially unnoticeable after a few minutes of riding. They saved my bacon twice while trying to make it over a couple of stone walls. I love them and I consider them well worth the money. Looking forward to getting on the MC with them soon. I’ll have to consider the shirt for mountain biking.


— Ken M, Newtown, CT