Motorcycles and Roller Derby

I received a pair of your Bohn Body Armor Pants about a week ago and tried them for the first time yesterday. I have been desperately looking ever since for the place on your website where I can post a review, so I can start trumpeting to the world how much I LOVE this product!!! Comfort, quality, cost-effectiveness, looks, and SAFETY…this gear has it all!

Being a female rider, I’ll admit it…I wanna look hot on my bike. I typically wear fairly sleek pants for riding, and I wore your Bohn Armored Pants under pretty tight jeans yesterday. No one even noticed that I had them on and I practically forgot that I was wearing them! I felt safer riding my little sport bike knowing that if something happened, I’d have some protection. That lets me ride with a calm mind…and THAT lets me ride better! I’ve already recommended your site to several friends and will continue to do so.

I also play Roller Derby and was thinking that this gear would actually be pretty awesome to wear to offer some protection to shins, hips, and tail bone (things commonly bruised and banged up in Derby) in addition to the normal knee pads/elbow pads, etc. when playing and practicing such a hard-hitting sport! Niche market maybe???

Anyway, thanks for being committed to bringing such a great product to ALL types of riders! I will be no doubt be ordering more from you guys! Happy riding!!


— Rachel Nothnagel, AKA Sindee Sidecar (in Roller Derby)