Near Miss Leads to Online Search and Bohn Body Armor

A few weeks ago, riding my motorcycle home from work. I entered the freeway in a busy area of San Francisco. Splitting lanes (legally). A ‘no look’ driver swerves directly in my path. I hard corner left. Front braking. My ‘Spidey Sense’ tingles. Suddenly feeling the front wheel sliding out from beneath.

My knee bangs the pavement. I release the front brake. Steering towards open space. Miraculously, the bike rights itself. Propping me up quick. I look around in amazement. Finding myself standing directly next to the fool who almost hammered me.

He received a tirade of F-bombs from my lips. But, I know. All the cursing in the world would not help my skin grow back. Or relieve the pain from nurses scraping gravel from my thigh. Thank god the fool missed me. Leaving only a slight bruise on my knee.

The same evening. Searching online. I found Bohn Armor Pants.

Having received my Bohns in mail yesterday. I got the ‘regular‘ ones. Not too thick, not too thin. Tried them on with a few pairs of my favorite riding jeans. And they fit well. Barely noticeable… even in tight flex/stretch jeans. Very nice. Inserted the thigh protector pads and tried jeans on again. Still, barely noticeable.

Wore my Bohns to work today for the first time. I feel a bit more safe on the road. Not as safe as full leathers, but much safer than jeans alone. Exactly what I was looking for.

Now my lower body as nearly as protected as my skull and upper torso.

Much appreciated.


— Chris D