Old Bold Riders?

I’m a 59 year old who has been riding since I was 16. My main ride is a ’99 Triumph Trophy sport touring bike. Generally speaking, I don’t ride unless it’s going to be for at least an hour.
It takes time to physically and psychologically adjust to the correct frame of mind so that you can concentrate 100% on riding.
Part of this time is the time it takes to put on my boots, helmet, and riding suit. I don’t ride anywhere without the whole thing.
Even though I don’t ride with the abandon I had when I was in my 20s and 30s (single with relatively few responsibilities) I still believe there are old riders and bold riders, but no old bold riders.
I have ridden wearing protective clothing for so long I can’t imagine being comfortable in the saddle without it. I doubt I am alone in this, and would never call myself a zealot.
Just my two cents.


— Bud I, OR (AMA Member)