Physically Disabled Rider Loves Bohn Fit and Protection

Just wanted to tell you folks how much I appreciate your Bohn Body Armor products. I purchased a pair of the Armored Pants last year and they are the best thing for motorcycle riders, period. I have been riding for over 35 years and have always wished for this type of protection to be available to us street riders (and dirt riders!).

Thank you SO much for bringing us these products. I am physically disabled, and I have never let that stop me from being the best motorcyclist I can be. Because of my small stature, I find it hard to get motorcycle gear that fits properly. If it doesn’t fit well, it won’t protect you. The wonderful woman who helped me on the phone assured me that the ‘small’ size would fit me. It fits perfect! I had a chance to test it last year when a deer ran out in front of me, and I had to brake hard and then swerve to miss him. I didn’t get to swerve, but the deer did. He glanced off the fairing, and hit his head on the saddlebag just as I came to a stop. His head struck my knee and shin and scraped my thigh, and pushed my knee into the side of the tank.

I am sure that I avoided severe knee damage by wearing the Armored Pants. I got all the armor pads, thigh pads, tail pad, etc. when I ordered them. My jeans were torn open where the thigh pad is located, and I had a small bruise on either side of my knee, but no other damage, not even to the armored pants themselves! They still fit very well, and are easy to put on and take off. The ease with which they go on and come off makes it easy to wear them ALL the time I am on my bike. Thank you very much for this terrific product.

Three of my friends have bought their own pants after seeing mine. Other motorcyclists constantly ask about them when I am out riding. They are noticeable, but not intrusive. I can move around easily. I shall strive to get as many riders as I can into these armored products.


— John S (Tacoma, WA)