Rider Tested 4,000 Miles on the Alcan Highway

Nine days, 4000 overall miles, with the encouragement of bears, bison, fox, moose, elk, mountain lions and the occasional human, the AlCan was over and the search for my next adventure had begun.

I didn’t conquer the AlCan.  The beauty, the scale, the road, the ride, became a part of who I am and even while planning my next adventure I playback the images, remember the silence, and wonder at the serenity because the AlCan conquered me.

Bohn Armor is one of those rare products that is more than what the manufacturer promised.  Not only would it help to protect me in the event of the rubber side not being connected to the pavement but it worked really well for keeping my knees and shins warmer on the cold days.   Plus, it made the day 2 “sore butt”, much less of a problem.  Bohn Armor is now on my “to be packed” list right between helmet and gloves.  

(Brad was riding for Reading Pals in Chico, CA – visit their website to support them.)


- Brad Johnson