Riding the Twisties in Oakland Hills

Just took my first ride today with the adventure pants and they feel great! (See me smiling???)

It took awhile to get them on, and positioned comfortably since I was not use to wearing tights. But, riding the twisties in the Oakland Hills feeling “well protected” was wonderful and I was total relaxed. Several weeks ago I laid it over at a low speed and had it in the back of my mind since. There was no problem wearing them under my normal pants either (I thought they might be too bulky, but they weren’t).

Today, I sent out some emails to friends with a link to your website, and a note on the pants and the mesh units.

My wife said this was an early Christmas present, and I think I will get your shirt early next year after the rains.

Finally, I ordered online Saturday morning, and you shipped on Monday, and I received them Tuesday afternoon. How cool is that? Most places take days or a week+ to get material out so I gotta commend you for your outstanding customer service.

Keep up the good work!


— Jerry P