Shorts Make Me Want to Keep Riding…

Last year I took my Ducati Monster on a 900 mile trip up the east side of Lake Champlain and across the northern islands to the Canadian border station and south through the Adirondacks to Troy NY then across the Mohawk Trail in MA and finished up in Rhode Island two days later.

I developed a severe case of MONKEY BUTT from so many miles on what is basically a race seat and I still suffer from pain a year later. I decided to purchase a pair of your All-Season Lycra Adventure Shorts with the armor and most importantly the tail pad. I recently made a similar run in the same area with approximately the same amount of miles and never had a problem from this condition.

We did 470 miles on the second day and I felt fine the next morning. Once you have this problem it stays with you and riding is no longer enjoyable. I have compression shorts and a gel seat pad but they were of no help but these shorts have made me want to keep riding hard.

— R Shawn C