Sliding Sportbike Crash Report

I was out for a leisurely Sunday ride on my 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 1000. Anybody who knows what that is, already understands that “leisurely” means anything below 100. I was getting on the New Jersey Turnpike on what was (unbeknownst to me) a decreasing radius turn littered with gravel and glass. My two-day-old steering damper was set up too light causing the steering to shake under braking. This left me unable to bleed off speed for the decreasing radius. Then I realized the turn was also littered with glass and gravel. That secondary shock caused a temporary target fixation, which I eventually overcame and got the bike back on course.

Unfortunately, the lean angle required to do so was too much for the gravel and glass. Me and the bike went down at about 50 mph on the rocks and glass. It was as if I was still riding the bike but both of us were laying on our left sides. I slid for about 40 feet on my side. The Bohn Armored Pants saved my knees and hips which were both sliding directly under the weight of the bike. The knee-pad slid to the side and luckily was directly between the side of my knee and the pavement. This left the front of my knee somewhat exposed but I got away from such a nasty accident with a shallow scrape on my knee only about the size of a quarter. As a result of my wearing the pants (and other protection) I was at work bright and early Monday morning, a bit stiff but essentially uninjured.

I see these sport bike riders in shorts and T-Shirts and realize they are truly stupid. Obviously, many of them have not yet gone down before. Unfortunately, for many, I’m sure it’s a lesson learned too late. Its just not worth the possible loss of your knees and hips and other parts or the painful recovery when you can simply purchase protection to wear under your clothes from Bohn Armor.

Thanks for helping to protect me and my crew.


— Jay T