Year Round Use–Motorcycling & Ice Hockey

I bought a set of the shirt plus the armored pants last Spring and have worn them all season under my leathers. These are wonderful products and I have told just about anyone who would listen all about the profound protection one gets with comfort.

Now that the bike is in winter storage, I decided to join a pickup ladies ice hockey team. For protection on the ice I am using your armored pants and shirt!! They are great for hockey too! Now my armored gear gets to be used ALL YEAR round. The girls on the team have made some pretty favorable comments on Bohn’s style and protection.

I certainly get my equipment on and off a lot faster than the other players and I feel just as protected if not better than buying and using traditional hockey gear. I just wear my textile motorcycle pants over the adventure pants for even more protection at the knees and hip. I told the girls on the team that someday I might be wearing this Bohn armor as protection from falls when I’m 80 years old! The tailbone armor is most important in hockey.

Thank you for an amazing product!!!


— Sue (Ontario, Canada)