I Had About Given Up On Finding Protection That Fits

As a larger woman I had about given up on finding any protective riding pants that fit.

An up close and personal encounter with a deer only increased my desire for some type of protection.

I saw an ad for Bohn Body Armor and checked it out.

They fit great under my so-called jeans (women’s fashion has dictated an almost paper thin material to be used in “jeans”) and no one has been able to tell that I was wearing motorcycle armor.

I now feel more protected when I ride.– Cris C.


To Our Delight, We Were Cool and Comfortable

Hello from Thailand! 

We purchased Bohn Armor several months ago and love your product. Road riding can be quite treacherous here in Thailand but with  Bohn Armor we feel that much more protected. A big concern was the Armor in the heat and humidity. But to our delight we are cool and comfortable. We sent you are measurements and the sizes you recommended were perfect.

I would highly recommend your product.

Thank you

C. Sawatzky


Vroom Vroom Protection That I’m in Love With!

My husband bought these for my because I rarely wear my Rev’It pants. Usually just wear regular jeans (he doesn’t like that).

We live in central Florida where it’s in the 90’s most days, that’s not including humidity. Sitting at a stop light, I feel like I was soup sandwich. Which didn’t make me happy. So, he bought me these after a friend of mine told me she wears Bohn.

I’m 5’9, 115lbs, size 2 in jeans, we got the XS. It’s hard finding pants that fit me. I ride a street triple r, sat on my bike and positioned myself how I ride and got on/off a few times. I absolutely love it. Very light, extremely breathable in the Florida swamp heat, nice feel, soft, the seams are thick and don’t not irritate at all. Big plus in my book!

Without over pants or jeans on the top of them, I look quite goofy, the pads stick out. But once I had my jeans on, oh man do I feel protected. I hope like hell I never find out how protected I am. But at least my husband is more at ease knowing I have more than just jeans on.

Ladies, I highly recommend these! Fellas, if your woman has issues like me. Buy these for her! Like, today! You won’t regret it!



Jim and I LOVE the Bohn Airtex Shirts

Bohn Body Armor customers Jim and Jean Parker were featured in the March issue of Wing World Magazine. They chronicled their recent trip to Nova Scotia wearing our Bohn All-Season Airtex armored riding shirts. Here is what they had to say about their shirts:

Jim and I are all about “All The Gear, All The Time” and we LOVE the Airtex shirts.

I don’t know what we would have done without them on our Nova Scotia trip as we rode our motorcycle in sweltering heat both to and from Nova Scotia (Bethlehem, PA to Portland, ME) and for a few days while there.

On that trip, I even found myself at times wearing the shirt without a shirt underneath, it was so hot outside.

Photo credit: Harold Nesbitt, Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada


Jim + Jean Parker

Big Deer Crash

Just wanted to thank Bohn Armor for the protection your pants provided. Both my wife and I were wearing your armored motorcycle riding pants (along with head, torso, feet and hand protection) when a deer jumped into our path at 75 mph (interstate driving).

The impact from the deer broke a few of our bones but the Bohn Armor Pants clearly saved our bones from impact and our skin from the 150′ asphalt slide that followed. Other than a little road rash on the side of one knee, the Bohn Armor clearly saved us from significant damage.

Both the medical staff and law enforcement couldn’t thank us enough for the gear we were wearing. Without it, they assured us the coroner rather than the ambulance would have transported us from the scene.

It may be a while before we ride again (bike was totaled) but if and when we do, we’ll have our new Bohn Armor protecting us.


— Peter & Lynne

Female Newbie Feedback

Bohn Armor – Second year (female) newbie here. . .I bought the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Pants. Their chart size is pretty accurate and ordered for my height (4’11”) Although, I had to buy a new pair of jeans, the next size up and more room in the thigh to accommodate the armor around the hips and tail bone. Hubby says that I do look a bit more curvy, but that’s a good thing since I don’t have much of an hour-glass figure anyway. 😉

Overall the product works well. I ride a Yamaha 250cc and it took a while to get use to the tail bone pad. It’s a little cumbersome when taking a nature break, but that doesn’t deter me from using them. I like the peace of mind of having extra armor and I can’t remember when a bug last hit me on the shin or knee. The last test is to wear them in the upcoming Summer in commuter traffic.

Ride safely!


— F.N.

Supermoto Crash

I just want to say thank you for a great product. I work in the motorcycle industry and I see a lot of safety gear. Your armored pants are what I choose to wear under my off-road gear for dirt track schools.

I’ve also crashed with them (under dirtbike gear) on a supermoto course and walked away with no ill effects.

I am a 5’10” curvy female and I love the way they fit!


— Christine P

Dropped Piaggio at a Stop Sign

Made a rookie mistake and dropped my Piaggio MP3 400 at a stop sign. Landed on my Bohn Airtex Shirt. Hit my shoulder and elbow. Sore for one day but no damage to me or the jacket.

Plus, I was bright yellow so everyone could see me sheepishly getting help to lift my bike.


— Abigail R

Bike Fell on Knee in Gravel Lot

I’m a combo rider. I ride a TW 200 mostly on the paved roads around my scenic town of Kanab, Utah, but since my bike is a dual sport and we have gorgeous, back-country dirt roads and trails as well, when I feel adventurous, I do a little exploring. I’m 53 and this is my first bike! I took the Motorcycle Safety Education Course and being older and wiser I want to have fun but do it as safely as possible and that includes protecting myself with good gear.

I wear a helmet, a padded, mesh jacket and I bought a pair of your Bohn Armored Pants to wear under my jeans. I was recently pulling from the paved road into a gravel parking lot and a car came around the other side of the building cutting me off. I braked hard, did a little slide with the bike falling on my knee.

Luckily, neither of us were going very fast. Without your armored pants I probably would have had a bad scrape because my pants were torn. I got away with bruise. I’ll continue to wear your pants. I feel much more protected and they are actually quite comfortable.


— Cherie M