Feedback from Malaysia

Thank you Peter for your follow-up on the pants: – I could ride with any pants or jeans now. Don’t have to stick to only specific types of riding jeans or pants. – I could put on the armor pants and put on a pair of chinos for work. The hips and tailbone armors are…
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Worked Just as You Said it Would

Man where should I start? I was involved in an incident on March 28, 2021 where I was launched from my bike 50 Feet and landed like a pancake. I was fully covered neck to ankles in my Bohn apparel which worked just as you said it would on your website. The injuries I sustained…
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ER Doc Asked Why All Riders Don’t Wear This

I was the victim of a hit and run crash while riding my motorcycle. The driver looked right at me, pulled out, then when I was done falling, he looked at me again, then drove off. I was wearing your motorcycle armor pants under my jeans and I had replaced the armor in my jacket…
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I Had About Given Up On Finding Protection That Fits

As a larger woman I had about given up on finding any protective riding pants that fit. An up close and personal encounter with a deer only increased my desire for some type of protection. I saw an ad for Bohn Body Armor and checked it out. They fit great under my so-called jeans (women’s…
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ATGATT Riding is a Must!

On September 20, 2020 three of us were enjoying the mountains of North Carolina SW of Asheville. This was a new area for us to travel, and with the heavy rains earlier in the week veins of run off debris was noted as we descended the grade. Even though I held back on the throttle…
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ATGATT - review for Bohn Body Armor Riding Pants

Crash Into a Guard Rail at 70 MPH

I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident–a 70mph crash into a guard rail!! However, I only sustained a small but deep puncture wound right below my left butt cheek. The pants worked tremendously!!! Immediately following the accident, two motorcyclists asked what I was wearing and both ordered a set of armored pants right there…
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Jonathan Boyd Motorcycle Accident wearing Bohn Body Armor Armored Motorcycle Riding Pants

Live to Ride (Another Day)

Riding a motorcycle is a hazardous sport. It’s kind of in between skydiving and boating. As God’s alpha creatures on earth, we get tremendous satisfaction and a feeling of being alive from challenging ourselves with these activities. However, they are dangerous and we must take appropriate precautions. The better prepared you are, the more likely…
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70 MPH Unscheduled Dismount

Thanks. More than you’ll know. Turnpike in the rain. Just passed two trucks. Returning to the slow lane. Back wheel slipped out on the white dashed dividing line. 70 mph unscheduled dismount. Bohn Armor pants. Walked away. Not a scratch.  Bike was totaled…a real “garage sale” disintegration.   I did not damage the armor itself…
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Image of Motorcycle Crash from a Bohn Body Armor Customer - picture of bike

To Our Delight, We Were Cool and Comfortable

Hello from Thailand!  We purchased Bohn Armor several months ago and love your product. Road riding can be quite treacherous here in Thailand but with  Bohn Armor we feel that much more protected. A big concern was the Armor in the heat and humidity. But to our delight we are cool and comfortable. We sent…
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Bohn Body Armor Customers wearing the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Shirt

Torn Jeans Without a Scratch

This is why I always wear my Bohn Body Armor! I was riding off road today and caught a patch of ice. No injuries, not even a scratch! Thanks Bohn Body Armor, you saved the day! (Customer was wearing All-Season Armored Motorcycle Pants ) BUY PRODUCTS FROM TESTIMONIAL BELOW

Bohn Armor Testimonial Rider Crash Tested