I Had About Given Up On Finding Protection That Fits

As a larger woman I had about given up on finding any protective riding pants that fit. An up close and personal encounter with a deer only increased my desire for some type of protection. I saw an ad for Bohn Body Armor and checked it out. They fit great under my so-called jeans (women’s…
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To Our Delight, We Were Cool and Comfortable

Hello from Thailand!  We purchased Bohn Armor several months ago and love your product. Road riding can be quite treacherous here in Thailand but with  Bohn Armor we feel that much more protected. A big concern was the Armor in the heat and humidity. But to our delight we are cool and comfortable. We sent…
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Bohn Body Armor Customers wearing the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Shirt

Vroom Vroom Protection That I’m in Love With!

My husband bought these for my because I rarely wear my Rev’It pants. Usually just wear regular jeans (he doesn’t like that). We live in central Florida where it’s in the 90’s most days, that’s not including humidity. Sitting at a stop light, I feel like I was soup sandwich. Which didn’t make me happy….
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Cool-Air Mesh Riding Pants under Motorcycle Jeans

Jim and I LOVE the Bohn Airtex Shirts

Bohn Body Armor customers Jim and Jean Parker were featured in the March issue of Wing World Magazine. They chronicled their recent trip to Nova Scotia wearing our Bohn All-Season Airtex armored riding shirts. Here is what they had to say about their shirts: Jim and I are all about “All The Gear, All The…
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Rider Rolls After Being Cut Off by Car

I can’t praise your product enough! I never ride without wearing your armor. That’s a good thing, too, since I crashed last week and did about 5 revolutions rolling down the road after a car cut me off. I could have been killed, easily. BUT……I remembered to draw my arms to my chest as I…
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Motorcycles and Roller Derby

I received a pair of your Bohn Body Armor Pants about a week ago and tried them for the first time yesterday. I have been desperately looking ever since for the place on your website where I can post a review, so I can start trumpeting to the world how much I LOVE this product!!!…
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Grateful Lady Rider

Hi, I went down on my motorcycle this summer and my Bohn Body Armor saved me from serious injury. I am so grateful… The long hard slide on asphalt tore my jeans and wore a hole through my left knee pad down to my knee – with only minor injury to the knee. I probably…
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Deer Accident at 11:45 AM

My wife and I have ridden thousands of miles but very few at night because of the high risk of deer or moose collisions in our ride zone – Maine and North Eastern Canada. Unfortunately for us, our accident happened at 11:45 am. The deer we were involved with was in a dead run and…
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Year Round Use–Motorcycling & Ice Hockey

I bought a set of the shirt plus the armored pants last Spring and have worn them all season under my leathers. These are wonderful products and I have told just about anyone who would listen all about the profound protection one gets with comfort. Now that the bike is in winter storage, I decided…
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Female Kamikaze Flight

Hi, I bought your Airtex armored shirt and pants at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect for riding, even a little hot, the type of day that I would normally ride with just an tank top, and definitely no jacket. I did however decide to…
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