Worked Just as You Said it Would

Man where should I start? I was involved in an incident on March 28, 2021 where I was launched from my bike 50 Feet and landed like a pancake. I was fully covered neck to ankles in my Bohn apparel which worked just as you said it would on your website. The injuries I sustained…
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ER Doc Asked Why All Riders Don’t Wear This

I was the victim of a hit and run crash while riding my motorcycle. The driver looked right at me, pulled out, then when I was done falling, he looked at me again, then drove off. I was wearing your motorcycle armor pants under my jeans and I had replaced the armor in my jacket…
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Punched a Deer in the Chest!!

Just want to thank you for a great product. I put it to the test yesterday 9-28-18 after punching a deer in the chest my right hand still on the throttle of my DR at about 35 mph. I went down (highside) hard enough to crack the shell on my helmet. I ended up with…
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Testimonial from Bohn Body Armor customer that was in a motorcycle crash and was relatively unharmed because of Bohn Body Armor gear

Your Armor Saved Me

Earlier this year I ordered the Bohn Body Armor Cool Air riding pants and shirt….at about 0830 this morning the pants helped save me along with my ICON armored jacket, and Scorpion helmet. I’ve only been riding about 2 years and my MSF Instructors pounded it into our heads the All The Gear, All The…
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Jim and I LOVE the Bohn Airtex Shirts

Bohn Body Armor customers Jim and Jean Parker were featured in the March issue of Wing World Magazine. They chronicled their recent trip to Nova Scotia wearing our Bohn All-Season Airtex armored riding shirts. Here is what they had to say about their shirts: Jim and I are all about “All The Gear, All The…
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Rider Rolls After Being Cut Off by Car

I can’t praise your product enough! I never ride without wearing your armor. That’s a good thing, too, since I crashed last week and did about 5 revolutions rolling down the road after a car cut me off. I could have been killed, easily. BUT……I remembered to draw my arms to my chest as I…
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Armor is Important on Short Rides, Too

I’ll spare you the gory and embarrassing details but I would just like to thank you for a truly wonderful product. Seeing as I was just going down the street to drop the bike at the shop I almost convinced myself I didn’t need to wear my body armor. Good sense prevailed and I put…
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Shirt and Pants are Absolutely Fantastic

Thought I would share a picture prior to a ride today. I am wearing the Bohn Armor Pants and Airtex Shirt in this photo. Today it was around 100 degrees when I started the ride and around 103 plus humidity at the end. The shirt and pants are absolutely fantastic and allow great airflow. For…
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Brent wearing Airtex shirt and Adventure Riding Pants

Loves His Airtex Shirt

I bought my Airtex shirt separate as there was a promotion for the shirt and pants but I already had riding pants and didn’t want to take a chance on the additional cost. Wish I did! I wrote a letter of thanks to the owner the next day. In the enclosed shot, my motorcycle, Angel,…
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Year Round Use–Motorcycling & Ice Hockey

I bought a set of the shirt plus the armored pants last Spring and have worn them all season under my leathers. These are wonderful products and I have told just about anyone who would listen all about the profound protection one gets with comfort. Now that the bike is in winter storage, I decided…
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