Breakdown in Mexico Heat

Last week my wife and me were on a ride from Guadalajara, to Los Azufres, Michoacan State, after 40 mi I noticed a weird handling of our Goldwing. We stopped, checked the front wheel, which had low pressure, broke air valve seat due an excessive enthusiast gas station guy who checked both tires just a…
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Dropped Piaggio at a Stop Sign

Made a rookie mistake and dropped my Piaggio MP3 400 at a stop sign. Landed on my Bohn Airtex Shirt. Hit my shoulder and elbow. Sore for one day but no damage to me or the jacket. Plus, I was bright yellow so everyone could see me sheepishly getting help to lift my bike. BUY…
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I Laid my Bike Down on Hwy 1

I wear my Bohn Armor (shirt and pants) every single time I ride. I unfortunately laid my motorcycle down on Hwy 1 near Big Sur, CA in March of this year. However, I walked away from this mishap without a single scratch on my arms or legs because of the Bohn products I was wearing….
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Airtex and Adventure Combo Motorcycle Riding Shirt and Pants

Peace of Mind

I bought some Bohn Armor Pants after reading a discussion on a motorcycle forum. I am glad I purchased them as about a month later I was involved in an accident where a car disregarded a Give Way sign. Having nowhere to go I hit the car and ended up underneath my bike. I walked…
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Alligator Tested – Rider Approved

I purchased the Armored Pants to compliment the level of protection I was wearing in my CE-approved textile riding jacket. The Bohn pants fit great under my jeans as well as mesh riding pants and offer an excellent level of safety for my legs. I recently tested the lower leg (knee and shin) guards when…
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Riding Style is “Disaster Waiting to Happen”…

Going over the bars of my Honda CRF250x, in my Bohn padded shorts. I bounced instead of splatting. Calling my riding a ‘style’ is being generous. it’s more like a disaster waiting to happen.

Broke His Ankle but the Dogs Survived

Tested and passed….bike and I went down June 22nd, not a scratch and Cool-Air Mesh Pants fully protected knee and hip of side that went sliding thru the gravel. I wish I had better boots on because I broke my ankle, but the two dogs that ran out at me survived.  Great product, and will…
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Hot weather Armored motorcycle riding pants back view

Bike Fell on Knee in Gravel Lot

I’m a combo rider. I ride a TW 200 mostly on the paved roads around my scenic town of Kanab, Utah, but since my bike is a dual sport and we have gorgeous, back-country dirt roads and trails as well, when I feel adventurous, I do a little exploring. I’m 53 and this is my…
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Lowsided in a Curve

I lowsided in a curve at 55MPH hitting some light, very hard to see sand. Lost are large portion of my Levis and some of my Bohn Armor Pants, but my 62 year old skin and bones were intact and untouched. Great product! BUY PRODUCTS FROM TESTIMONIAL BELOW

They Saved my Ride…

I was just getting ready to go for a ride on my DRZ400 to test drive my new Bohn Adventure Pants and MX boots when I slipped on the concrete outside my shop, landed on my tailbone. This was the first time wearing them and they saved my ride that day! BUY PRODUCTS FROM TESTIMONIAL…
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All-Season Armored motorcycle riding pants front view